Know your data is secured the way you want need it to be.

As you define your database, let us fortify it. We aggregate your RLS policies and schema into TypeScript types, transforming them into a robust foundation for your custom AI-driven security framework.

Step into a new era of database security automation.
Whether pre-MVP or post-launch, we've got you covered.

Ship Faster with Confidence

Knowing that your data is secured the way you need it to be, you write the rules, we'll enforce them.

Speed & Security

AI-Driven Security

Experience unparalleled database protection with AI-driven policy testing, custom-tailored to your needs.

AI Security

Your Database ChatBot

Think of SupaBuddAi as your database ChatBot, trained on your database structure as opposed to it's data. We leverage the power of AI to automate the process of creating a test suite to validate your RLS policies.
But you can ask it anything.

Custom AI


A simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to get started and stay secure.

Project Setup Preview
Planning Phase Preview

Signal Over Noise

SupaBuddAi is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, fortifying your database with no hassle, no code and no stress. Gain a new perspective into your database while securing it at the same time.


Database Optimization

With SupaBuddAi, you can optimize your database for performance and security all in one place, hassle free.


Security Automation

Save time and money by automating your database security with cutting edge, custom-tailored AI.


Frequently Asked Questions